Jay County
Local Emergency Planning Committee




   The Jay County Emergency Planning Committee, hereinafter referred to as the "Committee", is a state entity created pursuant to SARA Title III, the Emergency Planning and Community right-to-Know Act of 1986. The Committee has been appointed by the Indiana Emergency Response Commission. The primary purpose of the Committee is to implement SARA Title III in Indiana, but its broader purpose is to enhance environmental protection and public health and safety as these are affected by chemical hazards in Jay County.



   The Committee consists of members appointed by the Indiana Emergency Response Commission, and includes representatives from the following: local and state government, law enforcement, emergency management, fire fighting, emergency medical service, health, hospital, environmental, transportation, media, industry and community groups.

   If a Committee member resigns or is replaced by their superior, in the position that he/she represents, a letter of resignation is to be submitted in writing to the Chair, who will then forward it to the Indiana Emergency Response Commission. Resigning members will be replaced at the discretion of the Chair.

  Committee members who fail to attend two consecutive regular scheduled meetings, unexcused by the Chair, may be required to submit a letter of resignation to the Chair of the Committee. These members will be replaced at the discretion of the Chair.



SECTION 1:  Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will meet at least quarterly, or more frequently at the discretion of its Chair.

SECTION 2:  Announcement of Meetings

(a)  Members of the Committee will be notified at each Committee meeting of the next meeting time, place, and date, and will be notified in writing not later than one week in advance of such meetings of the next meeting's time, place and date.

(b)  The public will be notified of Committee meetings at least 72 hours in advance of each meeting.

SECTION 3:  Location of Meetings

The Committee meetings will be held at Jay County Security Center located in Portland, Indiana, at 2:00 in the afternoon or as otherwise determined by the Chair. LEPC Meetings for 2018: (1) March 15, 2018 (2) June 14, 2018 (3) September 13, 2018 (4) December 13, 2018.

SECTION 4:  Quorum of Members for Meetings

A simple majority of Committee Members is required for the conduct of business.

SECTION 5:  Conduct of Meetings

(a)  Committee meetings will be conducted according to Robert's Rules of Order, and Committee business according to the provisions of the Indiana Open Door Law, The Indiana Public Records Law, and the Indiana Administrative Adjudication act.

(b)  Any matter to be voted on will take the form of a resolution or motion. A simple majority of Committee Members must vote affirmatively for adoption of any resolution.

(c)  Each Committee member, including the Chair will have one vote.

(d)  A Committee member may vote for or against a resolution, or may abstain from voting.



SECTION 1:  Identification of Executive Committee and Sub-Committees and Appointments and Resignations.

(a)  The Executive Committee is composed of the Chairman of the Committee, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Community Emergency Coordinator, Planning Coordinator, Public Information Coordinator, and Chairs of the Sub-Committees.

(b)  The Sub-Committees are four (4) in number and are the Planning, Fiscal, Communications, and Training Sub-Committees.

(c)  Appointments to Sub-Committees, including Sub-Committee Chairs, are made by the Chair of the Committee.

(d)  Resignations of Sub-Committee members are to be submitted in writing to the Chair, who will, at his/her discretion, replace resigning members.

SECTION 2:  Dissolution and Establishment of Sub-Committees

Additional Sub-Committees may be established and existing ones dissolved by a majority vote of the Committee.

SECTION 3:  Duties of Executive Committee and Sub-Committees

(a)  The Executive Committee is authorized to do all things necessary or incidental to the internal management and conduct of the business of the Committee.

(b)  The Executive Committee shall, at each regular meeting of the Committee, make a full report of all business transacted by the Executive Committee.

(c)  Sub-Committees will convene to consider issues assigned by the Committee and/or issues of the Sub-Committees devising.

(d)  Sub-Committee meetings will be held at the discretion of Sub-Committee Chairs in terms of frequency and location.

(e)  Sub-Committees will report their findings and make their recommendations to the full Committee.

(f)  Sub-Committee recommendations must, to be adopted, be affirmed as resolutions by a majority of the Committee members present.

(g)  Additional duties may be assigned Sub-Committees by the Committee Chair.



SECTION 1:  Officers

The Officers of the Committee are the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary.

SECTION 2:  Terms of Officers

The terms of Officers are for a period of two years, except for vacancies / substitutions.

SECTION 3:  Election of Officers

Election of Officers will be affected by a majority vote of Committee Members,appointed by the Indiana Emergency Response Commission.



SECTION 1:  Meeting Frequency, Dates, Times and Locations

The Chair will determine the frequency, dates, times and locations of Committee meetings.

SECTION 2:  Sub-Committee Appointments

The Committee Chair will appoint the Chair and members of each Sub-Committee.

SECTION 3:  Committee Meetings' Conduct

(a)  The Chair will conduct Committee meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order.

SECTION 4:  Delegation of Authority

The Chair of the Committee may delegate at his/her discretion his/her powers and duties to the Vice-Chair, consistent with other provisions of these by-laws.

SECTION 5:  Meeting Minutes and Fiscal Records' Conduct

The Secretary will keep Committee meeting minutes and be furnished a copy of the financial records of the Committee by the LEPC Chairperson.



SECTION 1:  Repository of Documents

The Jay County Emergency Management Agency, Jay County Security Center, 224 West Water Street,Portland, IN will be the repository for all documents submitted to the Committee pursuant to the provisions of SARA Title III.

SECTION 2:  Availability of Documents to the Public

Title III documents will be available for examination by the public during the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday at the LEPC Office located at the Jay County Security Center, 224 West Water Street, Portland, IN 47371.

SECTION 3:  Committee Records' Conduct

All records of Committee meetings, including meeting agendas and minutes, will be available for the inspection by the general public and interested parties at the LEPC Office located in the Jay County Security Center, 224 W. Water St., Portland, IN 47371.

SECTION 4:  Legal Notices

The Committee will publish annually a legal notice indicating where all Title III documents are maintained, including the Committee's emergency plan, MSDS, Tier Forms, and written follow-up notices from facilities experiencing Title III spills.



SECTION 1:  Adoption of Bylaws

A majority of Committee Members is required to adopt the Committee's Bylaws.

SECTION 2:  Amendment of Bylaws

A majority of Committee Members is required to amend the Committee's Bylaws.



   Nothing in these bylaws is to be construed as excluding or contravening any additional provisions of federal or state law which are not explicitly or implicitly referred to within these bylaws.



   Upon their adoption by the Committee, a copy of these bylaws will be signed and dated by the Chair, Vice-Chair, Emergency Coordinator, Secretary and Public Information Officer, and will be available for inspection by the public at the Jay County Security Center, 224 West Water Street, Portland, Indiana.

   Adopted this 14th day of December, 2017 by the Members of the Jay County Local Emergency Planning Committee.

 Chad Aker,  Chairperson 

 Jim Bruner,  Vice-Chairperson 

 Ralph Frazee,  Emergency Coordinator 

 Addie Weesner,  Secretary 

 Dan Daniels,  Public Information Coordinator 


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